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New South African music duo, Dj Ngane-ngane & Vuyo have officially dropped their debut single ‘Party’ off their yet untitled album, due for release sometime next year.

The single is a Dance/Electro song and can be found on a number of online platforms.







That’s all we seem to be hearing about every time you turn on the news, after the penis transplant that has been successfully performed on a victim of a botched circumcision.

Now, if you have read my blog in the past, you will know my feelings on the whole circumcision issue.

After going through the initiation process and coming back with my penis still attached to my body, I have never felt so close to it and would never dream of donating with it, whether I was dead or alive.

But it is a good thing that doctors are now able to help those that were unfortunate enough to get their privates chopped off by hooligans (even though they should have known better and gone to a doctor or hospital)

Africans have always had an issue with organ donation, claiming it would upset the ancestors, now with penis transplants I’m sure the ancestors will rise from the dead.


Chris Mahlangu, the man accused of brutally murdering AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche has been sentenced to a life in prison for the murder that took place in Terre’Blanche’s farm about two years ago.
Mahlangu’s teenage accomplice has been sentenced to two years in jail, five suspended.
Well, it is good to see that the South African justice system is still effective.
Yes Eugene Terre’Blanche was a horrible man but Mahlangu and his little friend broke the law and so they should face the consequences.