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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had this feeling that I wasn’t good enough, even when I’ve given my absolute best, I would still feel like I could have done more. “I’m not good enough” those words ring through my head all the time.

This applied to my studies, friendships, family and relationships, I just couldn’t help but feel like maybe I’m just a waste of oxygen.

Well, here I am again, in that dark, familiar space, asking myself what my purpose is? Why am I even here? and how can I be the best that I can be?

Sure, it’s easy to put on a brave face or fake it and hope you’ll finally make it, but the cracks do start to show sooner or later and you”re left with several eggs on your face. And there’s nothing that I fear as much as disappointing those around me.

How do I get to that point whereby I could just give myself a big ol’ hug or pat in the back and say “it’s ok, you did your best, even if it wasn’t good enough for them”

Does anybody have tips?

That’s all we seem to be hearing about every time you turn on the news, after the penis transplant that has been successfully performed on a victim of a botched circumcision.

Now, if you have read my blog in the past, you will know my feelings on the whole circumcision issue.

After going through the initiation process and coming back with my penis still attached to my body, I have never felt so close to it and would never dream of donating with it, whether I was dead or alive.

But it is a good thing that doctors are now able to help those that were unfortunate enough to get their privates chopped off by hooligans (even though they should have known better and gone to a doctor or hospital)

Africans have always had an issue with organ donation, claiming it would upset the ancestors, now with penis transplants I’m sure the ancestors will rise from the dead.


The journ10570328_10201622303799588_8998294951791946537_ney continues for the vocal beast that is Michelle Williams as she has released ‘Believe In Me’ as the latest single from her critically acclaimed fourth album ‘Journey To Freedom’.

On the song, Williams delivers a beautiful, introspective message paired with her powerful vocals, she will start shooting the video next week.

This is a must-have on your playlist.

Other standout tracks on the album are: ‘Everything’, ‘Fall’, ‘Free’,In The Morning’, ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ and the twerk-inducing ‘Say Yes’


It is such a simple word that is used more times than a public toilet and holds little to no value.

People will take a dump on your head, stomp on your heart then turn around and say “sorry”.

The Bible says forgiveness is divine, well I say it’s a good thing I’m not a very good Christian, because the word sorry does not exist in my vocabulary.

So, don’t expect me to turn the other cheek or welcome you open arms just because you said sorry, I will read you til kingdom come and rearrange your whole existence.

Following the shooting of 18year old black man Michael Brown, who was gunned down by a police officer Darren Wilson, in a racial profiling incident in Ferguson Missouri and the unrest that has since followed, today has seen vocal powerhouse Lauryn Hill lend her voice and show support through song.
Hill, has released a new song titled ‘Black Rage’

Listen Below:

Michelle Williams Upcoming Album

Michelle Williams Upcoming Album

Come September 9th and Destiny’s Child alumni, Michelle Williams will drop her hotly anticipated 4th album, titled ‘Journey To Freedom’ which is preceded by lead singles
1.‘If We Had Your Eyes’ which is a thought-provoking song that speaks about seeing things from God’s point of view
2. ‘Fire’ which is a mid tempo gospel song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Rihanna album.
3. Twerk-inducing ‘Say Yes’ which features her former band mates Kelly Rowland and Beyonce.

Williams, with this album is returning to her gospel roots but also infusing the sound she experimented with on her 3rd album titled ‘Unexpected’, she christened the sound of her upcoming album ‘Urban/Inspirational’.

Having been a fan of Michelle Williams from the beginning, I can safely say she just keeps getting better, from the singles she has released thus far, this is promising to be her best album to date (even though I still religiously listen to ‘Heart To Yours’, ‘Do You Know’ and ‘Unexpected’).

The confirmed track list for this album is as follows:

1. ‘Need Your Help’
3. ‘Everything’
4. ‘Fall’ featuring Tye Tribett & Lecrae
5. ‘Fire’
6. ‘Free’
7. ‘Just Like You’
8. ‘Beautiful’
9. ‘Believe In Me’
10. ‘In The Morning’
11. ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ featuring Fantasia
12. ‘Say Yes’ featuring Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

The album can be pre-ordered worldwide on itunes, amazon and walmart, below is the South African itunes link:

Circumcision, it is a journey that many Xhosa boys have to go through in order to transition into ‘manhood’ and
annually, South Africans look forward to hearing about the horrors and deaths at some of the initiation schools.

From when I was a young boy growing up in the Eastern Cape, I always dreaded the day when I too would have to embark on that journey to manhood.

I was 18 when my father forced me to go, Lord knows I didn’t want to go but at least 18 was and is a reasonable age for the rite of passage.

The thing for me is I was happy with my foreskin, but it would seem the community around me had this fascination with MY foreskin.

Yes, the foreskin can be unsightly and unhygenic, but fact remains, it was MINE and mine alone.

I still fail to understand when and how was manhood determined by the lack of foreskin, to me it just seems absurd.

Right now over 20 deaths have been reported already at some of these initiation schools and I have this knot in my stomach as my younger brother is yet to return (he’s one of the initiates).

This takes me back to when I was initiated, June of 2006 and it seemed like the coldest winter in history. I knew I wasn’t checking into the Four Seasons hotel but the whole experience was like a nightmare coming to life.

It was myself, half brother and cousin,
The first horror for me was before we were ‘cut’, we had to go to the hospital for medical check-ups, but because my father wasn’t available on that day, our older cousins had to go in our place to get the medical check-ups as they would not need an adult to sign the consent form because they were already over the age of 21. Now tell me, how do you get a medical check-up without even being there?

Secondly when the actual act of chopping off the foreskin, they used the same bloody tool on all of us even though some of the young men including us had not undergone the medical check-up. That’s very dangerous and irresponsible if you ask me.

It was even worse for my half brother because he had gotten circumcised by a doctor a few years prior, but had to be circumcised for the second time with the rest of us, because they said we are all “twins” and whatever one is going through, the rest need to go through as well. As a result of that barbaric act on his penis, it took him longer to heal.

Don’t get me started on the beatings that were dished out like hand-outs at the salvation army, the horrible food and being deprived of drinking water.

With all the things that I have just mentioned, more and more young men still look forward to this rite of passage. Yes, the Department of Health and the police do get involved, but in most cases it’s usually too late.

Isn’t it time to let go of old customs and adopt new ones?
What is so wrong with getting the snip from a health facility?
Because at this point going to the mountains is like being part of the Survivor series, whereby anyone can be voted out at any point, only this time the voting out process could mean death or the loss of manhood.

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