It’s Wednesday the 23rd of April and I’m attending a public meeting at the Bombay Civic Hall in Northdale Pietermaritzburg. The meeting was called by the Ward 31 Councilor Rooksana Ahmed of the Democratic Alliance to discuss the Rates Rebate for Pensioners and give community members the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on the matter.

The meeting opened with a prayer and just as proceedings went underway, a few rabble-rousers clad in ANC t-shirts, displayed the highest levels of political intolerance and ignorance, they were baying for the councilor’s blood for one reason or the other.

I took the time to ask one of the ANC members if they understood what the meeting was about and her response was “asindaba nokuthi iDA ifuna ukuthini, sifuna ukubakhombisa ukuthi kuphethe bani” which simply means “we don’t care about what the DA has to say, we want to show them who’s in charge” just before she bumped me with a chair.

Needless to say, the meeting was adjourned and the ANC had accomplished its mission.

I’d always heard of hooliganism from ANC members, but to experience it first hand was quite an eye opener.

If being in the ANC means having an IQ level that’s in the lower single digits, please count me out.

I’m glad to have made it out of there unharmed, traumatised yes I was but still unharmed.