South African twerking troop 'Protwerkers'

South African twerking troop ‘Protwerkers’

What is this ‘twerking’?

It is a form of sexually provocative dancing that involves shaking the hips in an up and down motion, causing the dancer’s buttocks to jiggle.
This type of dance is believed to have originated in Africa but popular American superstar Miley Cyrus has brought twerking into the spotlight in recent months, with many of her music videos and live performances showcasing this dance.


Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams who is now a gospel singer set twitter alight back in June when she mentioned what she called “Holy twerking”.
After the release of her first single ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ off her upcoming album ‘Journey To Freedom’, Williams tweeted:

“Just bought my own single on Itunes!!! It’s available WORLDWIDE!!! #does a holy twerk….hahahahaha

She went on to describe the sound of her upcoming album, calling it an urban/inspiration record and saying there’s a song for everyone, even holy twerkers.


It seems South Africans are refusing to be left out of the twerking experience and they have taken it a step further as can be witnessed on a Youtube video which shows scantily clad women twerking over an open grave at a funeral.
And there is a dance troop called ‘Protwerkers’ that has made a profession out of twerking.

What are your thoughts on twerking?

the cover of the song that made her to do a 'holy twerk'

the cover of the song that made her to do a ‘holy twerk’