Artist: Skhulile Ntuli

Artist: Skhulile Ntuli

He’s no Pablo Picasso, nor is he a Michelangelo but he’s an art enthusiast determined to merge his love for art and fashion.

Skhulile Lloyd Ntuli, to his friends known as ‘Nkukhu’ is a Pietermaritzburg resident whose love for art began in 2001.

Ntuli says at school he did technical drawing as one of his subjects and he would find himself drawing even in his spare time and that was when he realised his passion for art.

Using a pen, pencil and paint, Ntuli draws magnificent artworks that are certain to stand up against the best.

Using fabric paint he can transform a plain t-shirt, hoodie, cap or shoe by drawing some bold artworks that give an item of clothing new life.

Ntuli says he’s passionate about both art and fashion as they are a form of expression and at the moment to him this is a hobby but in the future he hopes to turn it into a meaningful venture.

“In the future, probably in the next 5 years I see myself teaching youngsters in my community about art and eventually owning my own workshop” said Ntuli.

Ntuli added that he is yet to approach any corporations for sponsorships and he plans to but says he would need a portfolio which he doesn’t have at the moment.

He said “people steal my drawings and so I don’t have a portfolio as yet, but I would like to have one and be able to sell some of my work”.

One of the people that have seen Ntuli’s work is Xolani Nzimande and he remarked on how wonderful the work is, he said “Nkukhu’s work is amazing, he really has a lot of potential and it is amazing to see a young man such as him, being so focused on something positive”.

So, one of these days, the rest of the world may soon be queuing up to buy a ‘Nkukhu original’, be it a piece of art or an item of clothing, one thing’s for sure, Ntuli’s determination will take him far.

Peep some of his work below: