It has been a while since I called on You, so I thought I should take this opportunity to come before You and bare my soul.

First I want to thank You for the life that You gave me.

Sometimes life gets hard and complicated but knowing that You are watching over me makes the journey more bearable.

At times it feels the whole world is against me but Your presence puts my mind and heart at ease.

This journey called life is filled with stumbling blocks that deter me from my path but You are always there to lead me on the right track.

The world may not believe in giving second chances but You have given me a million to get it right.
I have sinned continuously but yet You continue to shower me with Your love and grace abundantly.

Before I fall asleep I want to thank You Lord for the day I’ve had and ask for You to watch over me as I sleep.

I want to ask You cleanse my soul and make me the person You want me to be.
The Bible says we were created in Your image, so I want You to see Your reflection when You look at me.

I’m asking You to give me a new heart, a heart filled with compassion, less judgment.

I’m asking You to kill the spirit of lust and greed inside me and purify my soul.

Please have Your way with me Lord.