This post came about after I was challenged by my friend Alex, to write an “out of the box Christmas piece”.

My understanding of Christmas day has always been that it is a celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have never really questioned that notion (even though I have in the past questioned His conception)

Christmas for me has never been anything like the Christmas that you would see in the movies.
We have never experienced snowfall on Christmas, we never knew anything about Santa Claus, his elves and reindeers.
We never received gifts or sang Christmas carols.
As a kid growing up in rural Eastern Cape, what we looked forward to on Christmas was the abundance of “nice foods”, the moirs jelly, custard, pudding and the box of Bakers choice assorted biscuits, which you would find in every household.

Instead of getting Christmas presents, we would always get new clothes that would of course be classified as “Christmas clothes”.
This was an exciting time of the year that every kid, including me looked forward to all year long.
As I got older, I of course lost the enthusiasm I once had for this day as it became nothing more than a money making machine, with all the media frenzy surrounding this holiday.

Last year, to rebel against this holiday I went to Pretoria and spent my very first Christmas away from my family, for the very first time I got to understand why people often say Christmas time is time to be with your loved ones, this realisation came as I sat all by myself eating a cheese sandwich and drinking cheap boxed wine, while my family was on the other side of the country, most probably keeping our Christmas tradition alive, sans yours truly.

This year I’m happy to be home, even though I still feel no need to celebrate Christmas, but it feels good to be home surrounded by warmth and love from my family, yes we bought the clichéd Choice Assorted biscuits, the Christmas clothes and I am looking forward to the next Christmas already.

So, on this festive season, I hope everyone finds their Christmas cheer, Merry Christmas world and a happy new year.