The much anticipated ANC Mangaung has come and with it, saw the re-election of president Jacob Zuma to serve for a second term and his deputy Kgalema Motlanthe out in the cold.

The outcome came as no surprise as it was clear as day before the conference even began that the Zuma faction wielded more power than the Motlanthe faction.

What can we expect in the next 7 years?
We can expect some reshuffling of the cabinet, other than that, things will remain the same.

1. We can expect more nuptials for the president.

2. More service delivery in the humble town of Nkandla (it may even be turned into the capital of South Africa).

3. The Nkandla palace may get even more renovations.

4. More corruption will be swept under the carpet, aided by the secrecy bill of course.

As many loyal ANC supporters celebrate what they perceive to be a victory, I shed a tear or two for our beloved country, a country that once had such promise.
A promise of a better life for all under the ANC government and now it would seem that better life has been reserved for a select few and the sad part is the people on the ground are allowing this to happen time and time again as they continue to vote for a government that has long forgotten its goals and promises to its constituents.

For quite sometime now I have been toying with the idea of voting for the DA in the next elections and I may just take that leap of faith.
Yes I do have some reservations about the DA but they have proven to be worthy opponents to the ruling party, calling them to out on MANY of their transgressions.

The truth is as clear as daylight, the ANC of today is not the same ANC that liberated South Africans from the grips of apartheid, the only reasons people continue to vote for the ANC is because they feel a sense of loyalty to the brand they once knew.
It is like watching the SABC 1 soapie ‘Generations’, you know you are watching garbage but because a decade ago it was a good soapie, so you feel a sense of loyalty and you remain hopeful that it will go back to its glory days, but the reality is it will never happen, that ship has sailed.

My question is how long will South Africans allow to be ruled by people who are hell bent on fulfilling their own needs, misusing public funds left, right and centre, all the while claiming to have the interests of the country and citizens at heart?