The music industry is constantly evolving, adopting new trends and gimmicks, all in the name of keeping things fresh. The problem with this evolution is more and more record labels, radio stations and music channels seem to overlook talented artists in favour of tone deaf so-called musicians.
I will make a few examples of these wanna be singers, the list will be in random order, like some of these ‘artists’

•Britney Spears

Many people will remember when Britney Spears made the transition from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to teen pop sensation.

The problem with this transition was the fact that Britney couldn’t sing.
Her record label decided to enlist the best writers and producers to come up with radio friendly pop songs that everyone would surely enjoy.
Every radio friendly song needs an accompanying video to push the song even further and what better way to garner attention than to dress like a slutty school girl and do a few suggestive dance moves?
That strategy worked well for Britney, all the horny teenage boys wanted a piece of her, she was every paedophiles fantasy and all the teenage girls wanted to be her.
That’s money in the bank.

Another artist who came out around the same time Britney came out is another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse member Christina Aguilera but the difference with her is that she can actually sing but she always came second to Britney, even when she sluttified her whole personality.

There was a time when it seemed Britney was on the brink of a breakdown, people thought it was the end of her but in actual fact, that whole period was a way generating more publicity and it worked yet again.

So even after being caught several times lip syncing on stage while executing her arm choreography, the masses still buy whatever crap her record labels puts out and as if that wasn’t enough she was trusted with discovering talent of X-factor (even though she possesses no talent whatsoever).
Now it is said that in 2013 Britney will be releasing an album, which I’m pretty sure will perform better than Christina’s ‘Lotus’ which is very good but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

My advice to Christina Aguilera, stop attending those pie eating contests and get slutty again if you want people to notice you and your music.