“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”

Those words have stuck to my heart like glue because they are so very true.
Growing up I had a few friends here and there but I cannot say I truly understood what the concept of friendship, up until recently.
I do have friendships that I have kept from my childhood up until now but somehow as we grow and go in different directions in our lives we sort of drift apart, I guess that is to be expected.
As childhood friends drift apart, technology has made it easy for people to make new friends and to even reconnect with old ones.

I don’t keep a large number of friends but the majority of my friends are people that I met through social networks. Yes they always talk about the dangers of letting strangers into your life but with me I guess I took risks that paid off in the end.

The very first I made through a social network was Bavuyile Melane, we first met back in 2009 and our friendship is still going strong.
I gave him a nickname, I call him Panty (he hates that name) but he tolerates it because of his sweet nature.
Panty is the first person I call on when something is going wrong in my life because he is the moral fibre of our group as he the born again one among us.
When I call Panty, I know he will be there day or night, now that’s the type of friend you need in your corner.

The other friend I met through a social network is Lindokuhle Simelane, well not really through a social network, more like through Panty. He too earned himself a nickname from me, I call him Girl From The Other Day (yes it is ridiculously long and strange but I like it).
Girl From The Other Day is more like me in the sense that he can lead you astray with a smile in his face, he’s good that way because he keeps the balance in the group, while Panty is all about saving the rain forests, Girl From The Other Day is all about building weapons of mass destruction.

The other friend is Vk Ka Ntwana (he’s not part of our group of confusion and dysfunction though). With Vk I get intelligent conversation while getting drunk out of our minds and we also enjoy solving the world’s problems (we clever like that). He and I have also had our fair share of adventures.
I only get to see him during the holidays though but when we meet it’s like I never left.

The last one I am yet to meet in person, his name is Thato Kamohelo Hlatshwayo. We have great conversations, discussing politics so I do hope to finally start that political party we spoke of.

In conclusion
One of the best things that anyone can do for themselves is getting a friend or friends, so that you never have to navigate through life all alone.
Always having that feeling of “wherever you are, it’s your friends who make your world”

This note is dedicated to all the people that have impacted my life in any way, this is to say thank you and you are appreciated
Here are a few others:
Bonane Tc
Etienne Shardlow
Jason Sobekwa (he doesn’t speak to me anymore)
Kay-two Kweyama
Njabulo Mlambo

Samkelo “The Church” Matshetsha

Luvo “Noluvo” Zulu

Siya “Nonsebenzo” Ohlange