The whole of South Africa went crazy as the news emerged that former ANC member Nosimo Balindlela has joined the Democratic Alliance.
Balindlela was once the premier of the Eastern Cape, she was removed from her position in 2008 when the Eastern Cape tried to oppose Jacob Zuma in ousting former president Thabo Mbeki. After her departure from the ANC, she joined COPE, but she clearly wasn’t coping there, hence the decision to join the DA.

What does Balindlela bring to the DA table?
In the last few elections the Democratic Alliance has been making great strides in the Eastern Cape when it comes to garnering more supporters, even though the Eastern Cape is primarily an ANC stronghold.
So, with Balindlela as part of the DA, surely the hope is that she will be bringing some much needed black votes with her that have always gone to the ANC.
Balindlela told journalists that this is not the South Africa that was imagined by ANC greats such as Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo. She went on to say:
“This is not what they wanted us to be. They wanted to make sure that racism is finished in South Africa and it is very sad that we are still on that tag of racism.”

Should the ANC be worried?

Many people feel that the ANC should be fazed by these latest developments but I actually believe this will be a case of water off a duck’s back because even though Balindlela was removed from her ANC post for her allegiance to the Thabo Mbeki administration, let’s not forget just how incompetent she was as the premier of the Eastern Cape.
I say this as someone who was born and grew up in the Eastern Cape so I experienced her incompetence first hand and so did other Eastern Cape residents, that’s why after her dismissal she was nothing more than an after thought in the minds of many, because she had nothing to show and say “hey, that is what I have accomplished during my term in office”.

Here’s to hoping that now that she is in the DA she will do some actual work, besides bringing the black voters.