You had my heart.
You had my heart beating faster than it has ever had.
You had me in the palm of your hand, had me going crazy at every waking hour when I thought of you.

The sight of you would end in a standing ovation from mister and the boys.
I hung onto your every word while your soft skin rubbed against mine, your kiss would have made me move mountains and in the words of Julius Malema, take up arms and kill for you.
I was your willing fool, the kind of fool who would have stood on top of the highest mountain, just to shout and let the world you are mine and I’m yours.
I would have sang my tune less heart out for you without a care, if it meant putting a smile on your face.

I did and would have done more for you until you played my heart like a drum set before ripping it to shreds, then stomping on it and finally spitting on it.
Now to me you are nothing but an insignificant human being who just happens to induce the worst kind of nausea in me.
I find your attempts of making me jealous by flaunting your new lover more annoying than Jehova’s Witnesses on my door step.
To me you are just like that 1% of germs that even detergent won’t get rid of.

So here’s what I’m saying; it is a shame that for me to reach my destination I had to go through someone like you.
Speaking of someone like you, unlike Adele, I do not wish the best for you, but I do however wish that you get run over by a bus and get molested by a chicken.
The hurt and pain you put me through has not put me off love completely, I still remain hopeful, hopeful of that beautiful house with a white picket fence and 3 beautiful children.

This is my hate letter to you my ex, signed by me