The African National Congress in KwaZulu Natal has issued a warning of violence against the Democratic Alliance, if the DA leader Helen Zille doesn’t abandon her planned inspection of President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla home.
In a statement the ANC said the visit to the president’s home will be “a serious, direct attack on the president and his family”.
The ANC’s statement or warning in a perfect world would be perceived as incitement of violence, which is a crime in South Africa but because in this case it is to protect the interests of the president so I’m guessing it is deemed as acceptable behaviour.
We can all recall when the DA marched to the Congress Of SA Trade Unions’ (COSATU) headquarters in May where many DA members were injured during a confrontation with the trade union federation.

What does this mean?

What this means is our country is run by very unintelligent people who have yet to grasp the meaning of democracy. As things are it would appear that there is no room for opposition parties in South Africa if they still have to succumb to threats of violence even in a so-called democratic state.
This latest threat could potentially end up producing the same results as the Shell House Massacre where many Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) lost their lives as they marched to Shell House, now known as Luthuli House.

Why all the secrecy?

The DA’s decision to visit Zuma’s home comes after reports have been surfacing of the estimated R200 million renovations to the president’s home and Zuma is only expected to pay 5% of the bill, which equates to about R10 million.

These renovations have caused quite an outcry from many South Africans who are enraged by the sheer opulence of our president at the expense of the tax payers, another part that is a cause for concern is the government’s refusal to answer questions from opposition parties such as the DA when they want to know about these renovations that are funded by the state.
In a democratic state, shouldn’t the government be accountable to the people and be as transparent as can be?