Minutes after the judgement in the Jub Jub case was handed, rapper Slikour took to his twitter account to show support for Jub Jub, this is what he had to say
“Prayers for jub jub, sympathy for the families in my opinion as painful as it is two wrongs don’t make a right. Good luck brother”
Slikour’s tweet is full of insensitivity and stupidity.
How can he honestly think that someone being punished for his crimes is a “wrong”?
The only people deserving of prayers and sympathy are the family members of those children, not Jub Jub, nor his co-accused Themba Tshabalala.
Slikour’s comments further highlight the arrogance of so-called celebrities that believe they are above everyone, everything and the law.
It was reported that both Jub Jub and his co-accused were intoxicated on that fateful day back in 2010, so in my opinion, they should have known what the consequences of drinking while under the influence would be, even more so when racing in a public road.
Now they can look forward to dropping the soap in prison. As for Slikour, he ought to be ashamed of himself, because if one of those six kids were his, I’m pretty sure he would be singing a different tune.