Currently I’m on my 10 day study break and so I decided to go home to Lusikisiki ( a small town in the Eastern Cape, to some it is perceived as a God forsaken place, but for me it is where the heart is).
I’ve been here for a week and was starting to get bored with being indoors all the time, so yesterday the 5th of October I hooked up with some of my friends and we decided to go to a local club (the only club this town has).
We didn’t mind the rain much because my friend has a car so when we got there we were still fresh and clean while the rest of the undesirables were muddy and dull, with the exception of a few hotties that were in attendance.
We had every intention of getting drunk, letting loose and losing whatever self-respect we came with ( thank God I didn’t lose mine). We were drinking everything from beer, tequila, whiskey and ciders.
After a few drinks we started seeing many Fred Astaire wannabes emerge, as for me, no matter how drunk I got, I still kept it classy as I sat there and nursed my drinks, ( you can ask anyone, I NEVER dance, to avoid injuring anyone).
Amidst all the dancing and drinking, my friends started getting into fights and pissing everyone off. Yes I may have a big mouth 99% of the time but I cannot fight to save my life, so I expected to get the crap beaten out of me, thankfully the brawl subsided and we carried on having a good time, I even got to witness my friend’s unusual mating rituals that ranged from re-arranging furniture (AT THE CLUB), to waving whiskey bottles in the air to entice their potential love interests.
For every climax there has got to be an anticlimax and ours came when we were driving back to my friend’s place, were stopped by the police, not traffic officers, just some incompetent fools working for the SAPS. Among the charges they were arresting us for was; not stopping when they motioned us to stop, secondly my friend was driving without a driver’s license, thirdly we were all drunk out of our minds.
The whole time we were begging those fools not to arrest us, all I could see was life flashing before my eyes, there was no way I could survive in prison, plus orange is definitely not my colour, so my death was imminent. In the end those fools told us they would let us go if we give them money and all they got from us was a lousy R30. Those poor suckers were probably hungry, God bless their stupid souls.
So to sum it up, my night was one full of adventure, would I do it again? Not anytime soon, but it was great to break the norm for a while, much like the time I got so drunk that I woke up with a bruised eye and was told that I had a fight with a flight of stairs and obviously lost.