I may have written a somewhat similar post on this subject in the past but I felt the need to write another one. This after on twitter 2 days ago people were spewing so much hate and nastiness, all this was directed towards former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams (who happens to be my favourite musician).
One of the tweets that angered me was from some insignificant nobody from Nigeria, it read as follows: @RealmichelleW Beyonce has more followers than you and she’s tweeted four times. How do you feel?
Another incident happened when Michelle posted a tweet saying “Someone tell Emeli Sande’ that I’m looking for her! 🙂 and another loser replied and said “You wanna be her backing singer too?”
What angered me the most about all of this negativity and bullying is how people cheered on and enabled it.
It puzzles me why people find joy in bringing other people down, instead of doing something positive with their lives.
The twitter bullies that pick on Michelle are usually people that claim to be Beyonce fans, now here’s something that must be hard for them to swallow, Beyonce and Michelle are friends and Beyonce doesn’t even know they exist.
So here’s my advice to them, they need to log off, get a gym membership and get jobs.