Call it vanity or an over inflated ego, whatever it is, I’m loving it because it has taken a while for me to reach this state of mind, a state of mind whereby I can just look at myself in the mirror and think “damn, God must have put it overtime when he made you”.

I weigh 45 kilograms, I can almost count all my ribs and that mortifies many people.
For a very long time I allowed people’s perceptions of me to run my life, they called me skin and bones, called me anorexic and said I had bulimia. All these names that they called me made me feel like I wasn’t worth anything, like I wasn’t good enough.
All I needed to do was realise that it isn’t my fault that I can say no to a plate of food, it isn’t my fault that I was created with a small frame.
The minute I realised that, I embraced my non-existent curves and said to hell with everybody, if you think I’m too thin then I’m glad because I can fit in tiny spaces and if you think I’m ugly, it is also okay because I am not for sale.
This is for all the skinny people in the world, it doesn’t matter if they call you skin and bones, spider legs or plastic bag, in the end if you are healthy and happy the rest is not important.