Music lovers all over the world will have a lot of variety when it comes to choosing which albums to buy this year, for many artists are busy with albums that are set to be released later on in the year.
1. A few minutes ago it was announced that we can expect a Whitney Houston album towards the end of the year, but don’t start celebrating yet (especially you Panty), it will not be new material, it will be compilation of her greatest hits.

2. Then another album that’s highly anticipated is the Michael Jackson Bad 25 Anniversary album which will be accompanied by some previously unseen footage of the King. That will definitely be on my christmas shopping list.

3. Mariah Carey is currently topping the charts with Triumphant, the first single off her upcoming album, that’s also set to be the mother of all comebacks. I must admit my first impression of the song wasn’t that great but it has certainly grown on me so it will be amazing to see how the album turns out.

4. Alicia Keys is also prepping her album, -yawn-

5. Brandy will be releasing Two Eleven in October, if it doesn’t get pushed back again, as it was scheduled for an August release. In the meantime to beef up the promotion for the project a video for her Chris Brown assisted ‘Put It Down’ will be released in a few days.

6. Ciara’s One Woman Army is another hotly anticipated album and after the snippet of ‘Overdose’ that she released, there may be hope yet for her. If she flops again, I know a starbucks manager who can give her a job so at least she has something to fall back on.

7. Kelly Rowland has also released ‘Ice’ which is said to be the first single off her upcoming album, it is a very sexy song, so I am looking forward to that album. Kelly though is the only person who should not be worried about flopping because no matter how hard she flops, her former band mate Michelle Williams always flops 10 times more than her, so that must cushion the blow.
Michelle Williams has said a new gospel single will be out by the end of the year and the full album to be expected early in 2013.