Well, all the Beyhives can celebrate, a few minutes ago, esteemed songwriter Diane Warren who penned ‘I Was Here’ for the Queen Bee’s album ‘4’ broke the news on her twitter account that she’s working on new music for Beyonce, this is what she wrote:

“Excited about the new songs I’m doing for Beyonce! And can’t wait til she sings “I Was Here” at UN” friday! :O)
The news of Beyonce hitting the studio must freak the likes of Ciara out, she has been in that studio so long, by the time she finishes recording that album she’ll probably have a head full of grey hairs and the icing on top will be her selling another 37 000 copies like she did with ‘Basic Instinct’
I do not particularly like Beyonce but I am man enough to admit that she does put in the work on that studio and deliver something worthwhile.
Ciara on the other hand should be releasing her album while Beyonce is still working on hers, because on the charts, there’s no competition at all for Beyonce.
Can’t wait for the new music