Well I do not have a television set, nor do I own a radio, so whatever is happening in the world reaches me a few days later after it has happened or has been announced. Case in point being Zumaville: According to a report on Friday government is planning to build a new R2 billion town in Zuma’s home village of Nkandla. The town will be affectionately known as ‘Zumaville’.
Can the taxpayers afford to be indulging our president’s opulent lifestyle? Wasn’t it enough that he decided to transform his Nkandla home into a palace, which I’m sure taxpayers are paying for?
What about the fact that he just takes a new wife whenever he feels bored, of course it’s easy, the taxpayers will foot the bill, they won’t mind.
This is a new low, even for our president, what can he honestly say he has done for South Africans during his term as president? Because I can count the things that he has done which were all to his benefit by the way.
I’m sure the idea behind ‘Zumaville’ is to indulge the not so attractive first lady, I’m sure she will retire from breeding chickens and weaving grass mats and be appointed the mayor or queen of Zumaville.
I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the ANC is no different to the apartheid regime government, they are all self-serving hypocrites.