Vocal beast Mariah Carey is back!
She has released her first single titled ‘Triumphant’, it features Rick Ross and Meek Mill.
On her return, I’m probably the only one wishing she’d stayed away indefinitely.
I say this because ‘Triumphant’ is very mediocre to say the least, it is no different to ‘Obsessed’ which was a single from her last album, the beat is great but Mariah is just not there.
Her vocal abilities have shrunk in the past few years, along with her outfits, she is just a big teenager who needs to get her act together because truth be told: she can snatch some wigs because the talent is there, since the passing of Whitney Houston she is one of the very few artists that can deliver vocally.
Verdict, she needs to spend more time in the studio or babysit her kids, Nick Cannon included.