Felt I should write down what I’m going through after I just ended a relationship that meant so much to me.
Moving on, it has got to be the hardest thing to do after a breakup, no matter how old one gets or how many times you’ve experienced a breakup, it just never gets easy at all.
It has only been a few days since my breakup, I don’t know whether I’m desperate to rush the healing process but it seems as though my heart is still with the ex who shall not be named.
I spend sleepless nights wondering if I ever cross your mind, if you ever cared even a little about me or was I just a mere distraction from your hectic schedule?
I find myself logging in and out of facebook just to check what and how you’re doing. I know the point of breaking up is so that we could both move on with our lives but my stupid heart and mind have different ideas.
Have even thought of getting a replacement for you, to help me get over you, but what good will that do? Because I will probably compare them to you.
The clever scientists need to invent a pill that can make one heal a broken heart fast and erase the memories because at this rate it seems as though you will forever haunt my thoughts and dreams and for a pisces that’s not good because we daydream every waking hour of our lives.
All I’m clinging to now is hope that maybe you and I can find our way back to each other someday, I don’t know just how healthy that is