A Muslim police officer refuses to share a toilet with his colleagues, BLACK colleagues, claiming that his religion doesn’t allow him to.
Superintendent Munaf Ismail, at the Zonkizizwe police station on the East Rand, says for religious reasons, he used the toilet for people with disabilities.
He was quoted as saying
“I am a Muslim and they need to consider my religion. I have to sit when I urinate and I cannot use a dirty toilet. People are narrow-minded and I am a committed Muslim”.

The Islamic Council of SA’s Amir Hazarvi said no Muslim scripture stated Muslims could not share bathrooms with people from other races, religions or cultures.

What this is, is a case of a man with over inflated ego and bringing apartheid tendencies into a democratic South Africa, but then again, if our precious supposedly democratic government can adopt apartheid regime practices(Information Bill) then so can the toilet policeman