Pint sized female rapper has voiced her support for no-good woman beating R&b superstar Chris Brown, following an altercation last week at a New York nightclub with rapper Drake, that left Brown bruised and resulted in both superstars being kicked out of the club.
This is what Lil Kim had to say about Drake
“I mean, people are so hard on Chris. He made a mistake, he owned up to it, and he and Rihanna have moved on with their lives. But since that incident it’s so easy to blame Chris. What I know about Drake is he is bitch-made.
Meaning he’s an instigator and a pussy. He had no issue stepping up to Lil Kim, I’m like five feet tall. But he didn’t try stepping up to Chris, a man because he’s simply a coward. At the end of the day, you don’t gotta be a tough guy to be a rapper, but don’t dress up in Gangsta Drag when you a bitch. Drake’s a bottom- ya’ll know what I mean when I say that”
Well, Kim’s comments and support for Chris come from the fact that Drake mocked her during her feud with Nicki Minaj, so she had no choice but to side with Chris.
Looking at Brown’s bruised face makes me want to disagree with Kim when she calls Drake a coward, Brown looks pretty banged up to me.