What an outrage when it was announced that minister of sport Fikile Mbalula is in negotiations to get international pop sensation Beyonce Knowles to perform at this year’s sport awards for a staggering R17 million.
This announcement has further highlighted my sentiments on how the ruling party has little to no regard for hard working South Africans who pay taxes. How can anyone in their right mind ever consider spending so much money on entertainment? In a country with such high levels of unemployment and poverty.
For having even considered such an action, Mbalula has shown absolute idiocy and my friends have summed it up perfectly by saying this was his way of coming out of the closet (Lord knows it can get stuffy in there).
The need to bring international celebrities to South African events is actually an insult to all South Africans but more especially to South African artists who work tirelessly to build their careers in the hope of even going international, what our government is saying is our artists are not good enough, that’s why they bring international artists, last year they brought Brandy to perform and she did such a horrible job for an artist of her caliber. I actually believe that artists such as Zahara, Lira, The Parlotones, Big Nuz would be appropriate for the sports awards and they would be more affordable than Beyonce.