I’ve always seen the ANC as the Survivor series, whereby people get voted off the island if they by the tribe if it is felt their presence is not conducive anymore. After today I have seen our president in a whole new different light, as a dominatrix clad skin tight leather and cracking that whip at every chance, just for control, well that’s what Mr President did.
Earlier today it was announced that president Jacob Zuma had fired Bheki Cele as police chief, following his suspension over the irregularities regarding the leases for the police head offices.
Well, I say the dismissal was a long time coming, especially when he had the nerve to say he signed those leases without reading or understanding what he was signing, like really? How stupid and incompetent can a person be? How did the president ever make the mistake of trusting him with the safety and security of over 49 million people?
The new police chief is a woman by the name of Mangwashi Victoria Phiyega, I have never heard of her and that makes me worry because if you are in the ANC and people don’t know about you then it means you are probably getting paid to do nothing but apparently, she is the chairperson of the presidential review committee on state owned enterprises and she’s also the deputy chairperson of the independent commission on the remuneration of office bearers. Damn girl, so many job titles? In a country with such high levels of unemployment? I have reason to worry, for ANC people it’s a struggle just to get one job done, can she really be expected to do all these jobs? We shall see