Just woke up to terrible news, Miss sour notes Ciara is back with a new single, titled ‘Sweat’. I do believe that curiosity really did kill a cat because I was just too curious to find out what she had been cooking up in that studio and well, from what I heard, she was cooking up another flop. Her last album sold 37 000 copies, well her upcoming one titled ‘One Woman Army’ may sell even less if all the songs are like Sweat.
The song is sure club banger but you can’t help feel like you are listening to a remix of her already crappy old songs.
This is all rather disappointing because her stans were spewing so much hate and negativity when Beyonce released ‘4’, they claimed their ‘queen’ Ciara would return to slay, yea, something died alright. Guess she needs to stay a bit longer in that studio because a hit seems to be nowhere in sight for her.