I felt I should use Jennifer Lopez’s floppy album title Love? for this post because well, I’m asking myself many questions that I cannot find answers to. Questions like, when is enough ever enough in a relationship? How many knocks and disappointments can one heart bear?
Recent events in my love life (yes I have a love life) have left me doubting love, doubting myself and for the very first time in a long time if not ever, have left me speechless.
How do you give yourself mind body and soul to someone for them to throw it back in your face? How do you go back to the same person who broke your heart, forgive them only for them to top their last betrayal?
These are all questions that are going through my mind and for the very first time I know what my friend Panty went through when he was dating a serial cheater, I begged, urged, beat him up trying to convince him to end the relationship but he was clearly blinded by love and wouldn’t hear any of it. Now I’m afraid I’ve fallen under the same spell, this would be the perfect time for me to take the advice I gave to Panty but for some strange reason I cannot, does this mean I’m the biggest fool in the world?