Last night marked the opening of the Tourism Indaba, the event opened with the ETEYA awards, which is the Emerging Tourism Entrepreneurs Awards.

To start the proceedings going was Thembisile of Adila fame, she opened with a high pitched performance that almost left me deaf, as she murdered Johnny Clegg’s Spirit Of The Great Heart (one of my favourite songs by the way). To go with her ‘performance was an electrifying fusion of tap dancing and gumboot dance that was well choreographed.

The EThekwini mayor gave a heart warming speech as he welcomed everyone in attendance to the city of Durban. Following the mayor’s speech was a performance from Afro-jazz songstress Judith Sephuma, now I will be honest in saying I had always overlooked her vocal abilities, until yesterday, she performed with such passion and hit notes perfectly, as if to say “that’s how it’s done” to Thembisile. Now let me go onto the outfit miss Sephuma was wearing, she wore a little black number that left her looking like a stuffed sausage, you’d swear  she’s pregnant AGAIN, (let’s hope she’s not) because counting how many kids she has would be a non-paying fulltime job.


Former Skwatta Kamp member Slikour took to the stage as he collaborated

with RJ Benjamin, they gave a nice performance and I was holding my breath as I anticipated him singing Blacks Are Fools. Judith Sephuma returned to the stage, this time around with Jsomething from Mi Casa singing the popular hit These Streets and boy did she stand her ground. Then Mi Casa closed the show with a medley of their most popular songs.

Peep more pictures from the show…