It has been a very long day for me, travelling from Lusikisiki back to Durban. I almost didn’t make it in one piece and so I wanna take this moment to say thank you.
Firstly, I’m not a very religious person but I do know that there is a God out there looking out for me. Firstly I would like to thank God for keeping me safe and making sure I arrived to Durban safely, He kept me safe from the man who tried to kill me with his stinking breath in the taxi and He kept me safe from the good for nothing losers that mugged me and took my money as I got off the taxi. I hope the money they took from me buys them a huge mansion overlooking the ocean.
Secondly, I wanna thank the government, yep I wanna thank the government, I know we blame the government for high fuel prices, corruption, global warming, the death of Michael Jackson and my dog that just keeps falling pregnant. So this time I wanna say thank you for all these public holidays, lord knows I needed a break, don’t really care much for the symbolism or what these holidays represent because truth be told, they haven’t done anything for me. I believe I will truly feel that I’m living in a democratic country when I change my surname to Zuma or ANC, as of now I’m just a black South African with a surname nobody can pronounce.
Don’t wanna dwell much on freedom day because I will end up getting fired up and quoting from the South African Constipation, oops I mean constitution and that can take all night.
Another holiday that has no meaning to me is worker’s day, I only see it as a day whereby all the working folks look down their noses on us unemployed folks and it is that one day in the year whereby employers actually pretend to care or listen to their employees grievances. None of my beeswax, movin’ along.
Before I wrap this up, did anyone watch the freedom day speech that was given by our president Jacob Zuma? Wasn’t listening to all that he was saying but something caught my attention, when he said employment is up, there are about 1000 jobs offered per day (not exact words). I am gonna be very polite when ask this, who was smoking next to the president right before that speech?