What a way to start the 18th South African Music Awards (SAMA), the show started on a high with a nice performance from Zahara, performing her hit Loliwe and then the show went lower than low when Arthur Mafokate, the grandfather of kwaito started boring the hell out of everyone with all that nonsense he was blabbing. Then things started looking up again when Kabelo, Unathi Msengana, Heinz Winckler, Swazi Dlamini, Sizwe Dhlomo and Jen Su started performing a great original song/spoof.
Side note, I always thought Jen Su was just a bored chick with no talent who always goes to every media event, until today that is, she may have a future in the music industry. Lord knows in the South African music industry you don’t need much talent or any talent for that matter (here’s to you Khanyi Mbau).
Did anyone notice how huge Loyiso Bala’s hips have gotten?
Congrats to Lloyd Cele, he deserved it.
What was Nothende wearing? That is so not appealing, someone should have told her to cover up. Congrats to Zonke, I’m sure my friend Nonsindiso is screaming her lungs out.
As for Jack Parow, he bought all today’s newspapers and wore them, didn’t care much for his performance.
Thembi Seete looked stunning in her leather outfit but she is way too loud.
Spikiri performed with Brickz and others I don’t know, judging by that performance, kwaito has been dead for a very long time, somebody get a hint.
Wow, the skinny guy from Big Nuz can actually talk? Wow. Mampintsha looked like a hippo but at least they made the effort to actually take a bath and put on some new clothes, well done on the award also, they deserved it.
Above I mentioned Loyiso Bala’s hips, that was until I saw Dj Sbu and remembered that he has the mother of all hips on a guy.
Zahara won Best selling album among many others that she won, hopefully she’ll buy a car after this and maybe buy some nice clothes while she’s at it. Ey, Zahara wasn’t snatching wigs, she was assassinating.
Dj Cleo is as gay as sunshine, that’s all I will say and I will not say anything about his fag hags(The Teddy Bears).

I must commend the organizers of the SAMAs, I was expecting a dull show that would put me to eternal sleep but it turned out to be an entertaining show, well it had its highs and lows.
If you were watching, what did you think of the show?