Today was such a boring day so I decided to see what was on the sunday papers, then found myself reading an amusing article on Sunday World about Kwaito has-been Mapaputsi. Apparently he’s born again now, after living a life of drugs and booze. In the article he’s quoted as saying he lived in the suburbs and not at home where the ancestors could find him. What that means is he had money, lived in the suburbs and now he’s broke and back at home.
On him being born again, I just laughed because it’s a common trend with celebrities who realize that their relevance has faded, they suddenly turn to God and start getting all preachy. Remember Whitney Houston? She was a great singer before doing drugs and became a great entertainer while she was on drugs, yes she was as high as a kite but she was damn entertaining, then she lost her voice and realized she was finished in the industry then she became mother superior and then of course she became so boring, she bored herself to death. So, my message on this beautiful sunday evening, all these celebrities must stop thinking they can fool God and me, because I can see right through them.