Yesterday, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced that she would be taking full control of the Eastern Cape department of education which is in a horrible state to put it mildly. I say to the news, about bloody time, what was she waiting for all this time? I mean it’s not like the education crisis in the Eastern Cape happened overnight, it took a while and SHE could have prevented it from happening from escalating but then again she had no reason to care, her children probably go to the best schools very far from the Eastern Cape.
Another thing it is becoming a common thing whereby the ANC allows things to get out of control before they even consider coming up with a solution and then they act concerned when it’s all just a big act. On a side note I see Angie has changed her hair, I’m guessing the reason she wasn’t doing anything about the education crisis in the Eastern Cape she was still experimenting with different hairdos.
Her decision to take control of the education department will be reversed when the province gets a 70% pass rate, let’s hope you not aiming too high there dear Ang.