I’ve sort of had a delayed reaction to the article I read last week about seven-time Olympic gold medallist Amanda Beard’s autobiography, titled In th Water They Can’t See You Cry. The book has caused a lot of controversy, especially for South Africa’s golden boy, Olympic gold medallist Ryk Neethling, when in the book Beard alleges that Neethling used drugs while the two were still a couple.
The way I see it, where there is smoke there is a fire, Beard would not have just fabricated such a story, because if she really is lying, surely Neethling would have filed a defamation suit against Ms Beard but he hasn’t and instead of commenting and clearing his name, he has opted to remain silent, which to me says a lot about his credibility. I mean we have heard many reports of sportsmen engaging in drug activity, so he wouldn’t or isn’t the first.
I am however in no way suggesting that Ms Beard is a saint, because it is as clear as daylight the motivation behind this book and these revelations, it is obvious she aims to tarnish his reputation and in the process secure a number one best seller with this book.
This reminds me of former Hollywood child actress Mackenzie Phillips, she played the role of Julie Cooper Horvath on the sitcom One Day at a Time, in 2009 while promoting her autobiography called High on Arrival, she sat down with Oprah Winfrey, discussed the contents of the book, one of which was her alleged sexual relationship with her father and how her father allegedly got her hooked on drugs. To me this was just a case of a woman who woke up one day and realised that she was no longer relevant within the entertainment industry and came up with a way to regain the spotlight, which is what Amanda Beard is probably aiming for with this book, because truth be told, many people like me don’t know much about her or what she is about, but Ryk Neethling’s popularity is more far reaching and in my opinion, I believe Ms Beard is a publicity seeking celebrity has been even though I’m not entirely convinced that Ryk Neethling is squeaky clean.