After reading the article about South African singing sensation Zahara, about how she is allegedly being mistreated by her record label TS Records, which is co-owned by Dj Sbu and Tk Nciza, husband of former Mafikizolo member Nhlanhla Nciza; I wanted to feel sorry for Zahara, lord knows I did but I just couldn’t and here’s why: I’m sure nobody is holding her at gunpoint, meaning she can leave at anytime she wants and she can pursue legal action if she feels that she’s not receiving all that’s owed to her. The fact that it’s her siblings complaining and not her could very well be just a case of people (siblings) wanting a few minutes in the spotlight. If it really is as the siblings allege it is and she hasn’t left, this wouldn’t be the first time it happens in the entertainment industry, remember Destiny’s Child? Beyonce Knowles was the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, while Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were there simply to make her look good, I mean sing the back up vocals. Many people felt that Kelly and Michelle should have quit and pursued solo careers a long time ago but they never did because they knew they would never get far without Beyonce, which is what Zahara could be feeling or thinking. Kelly and Michelle stuck with Destiny’s Child until the end because let’s face it, they were much safer being under the shadow of Beyonce’s butt. What I’m trying to say is, it could be much worse for Zahara, at least she has a place to sleep, it may not be her own but hey, it’s better than nothing and if really she does household chores for Nhlanhla then it’s a price she must pay for having a voice while Nhlanhla has, well I don’t know what to call it, all I know is I can’t stand it.