With all the recent stress (Julius Malema) in the ANC and the prospect of not being re-elected as ANC president, Jacob Zuma has taken the time to pursue his favourite hobby, which is getting married. Yes the South African president who already has 3 wives is getting married to his 4th wife after years of engagement. Well, I say it is his hobby because I, from my point of view do not see the necessity of having more than one spouse and oh, I’m not gonna start quoting some scriptures from the Bible on how God made one man and one woman, but I will base my argument or views on the equality side of things; the South African constitution states that everyone is equal, men and women, so imagine if a woman were to have 5 husbands, society would frown upon that, think American actress, Elizabeth Taylor, who was married a total of 8 times, even though she was not married to these men at the same time, society had a problem with that. The other thing, I feel polygamy is degrading to women, what it says is the first wife is ‘not enough’ and therefore you just get someone new and better to replace them, (Ever heard of divorce?). Some may argue that Jacob Zuma having many wives comes with being from a royal family just like in the case of Swaziland’s King Mswati III, but what also needs to be highlighted is the fact that tax payers are footing the bills for all of this, meaning wife number 5,6,7 and 8 could soon be on the way.