I remember when it was announced that the city of Durban had lost it’s blue flag status or the Durban beaches had lost their blue flag status. Didn’t really understand what that meant, not sure if I do understand even now. Well it was said that four major Durban beaches had lost their Blue Flag status in 2008, for, get this “poor water, poor sand quality and sub-standard amenities”. So after this announcement there was a big hubbub from the Tourism Department as they were worried about the prospect of losing international tourists because it was reported that international tourists pick their holiday destinations based on the Blue Flag system. The EThekwini City manager at the time Mike Sutcliffe was sceptical about using the Blue Flag system for Durban beaches. When I heard this I imagined that all the beaches in Durban would be like a ghost town with no one in sight, but the exact opposite happened, people continued flocking in huge numbers. Maybe it’s the warm inviting weather, I don’t know but Durban still remains one of the top holiday destinations. Now I wonder what happened with all the Blue Flag fiasco, they shouldn’t leave us hanging like that, it’s hot outside, I wanna go for a swim….