It never ceases to amaze me just how small minded some so-called Christians can be. The ACDP which is a political party, opposed a motion made in parliament by the DA to congratulate Francois Nel, Mr Gay World and yesterday an ACDP member appeared on the news expressing the party’s displeasure over the Mr Gay World Pageant being held on easter weekend. The ACDP member even went as far as likening homosexuality to adultery. Now the ACDP is a party that caters to the conservative Christians and is known for its stand against things like abortion, homosexuality and pornography. But they have also been vocal in support of bringing back the death penalty (I’m raising my eye brow, the ‘saints’ want people killed, how un saintly). In the year 2000 the ACDP’s manifesto opposed promotion of condoms as a way of prevention against HIV transmission, opting for an abstinence policy. I’m starting to think these saints are not pro life at all, they want people killed, they want HIV transmission to increase. I think they need prayers. I am in no way picking on anyone, just highlighting the obvious facts, they spend all this time pointing fingers, criticising everything and everyone instead of focusing on praying (that is what Christians do right? Pray). I have a Bible and I read it once and I know it says God does not judge but what the saints do and say is God does not judge so we will judge for him. Oh how funny it will be when we burn in hell with some of the so-called saints.