There is this dependency to our blackberry phones that we have that I can recall last year when all blackberries stopped working for four days. During that period I became so depressed that I even managed to convince myself that I was sick, I had to stay away from campus because I had a fever of 110 degrees (well I made up that figure). Point is my blackberry has become so much a part of my being, I feel more pain when I drop it than I do when I hear about the plight of the Ethiopians, Somalians or any people suffering in the world. The last few days have been hard for me as my blackberry has been giving problems; some buttons simply refused to work, I’ve tried every trick I could think of but to no avail and just like last year during the blackberry blackout period I’ve woken up feeling very sick with flu, the difference this year is I look like the man with the world’s largest lips Jay Z and I’ve got a serious nosebleed. Could this be triggered by the sickness that’s attacking my blackberry or just simply coincidence?