Earlier today it was reported that Britney Spears is in the final negotiations for her to become the judge on the next season of X-Factor US.
The announcement has left a bad taste on my mouth because Ms. Spears is not the best singer in the world, so how can she be expected to judge other people’s talents?

Yes she has sold millions of records worldwide and had many number 1 singles but she didn’t achieve this feat due to her vocal abilities, it was mostly having a great team of writers and producers, a great marketing team and her ability to serve sex on a platter like many other tune less ‘singer’ out there like Rihanna.

In my opinion, to be considered talented you need to sound great on your record and sound even greater when performing live and well, Ms Spears is yet to understand what the concept of singing live entails as she is famed for being a serial lip syncer when on stage.

Before Britney’s name was put up for consideration, it was Janet Jackson who was considered for the judging position and she too is a non singer like Britney but instead of lip syncing she on the other hand whispers.

The UK version of X-Factor last year had former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland as a judge. Well Kelly Rowland sounds good on record until you put her on stage to perform live, she sounds like she’s just been chased by vicious dogs for 5 miles then handed a mic and told to sing.
My question is, can untalented people be trusted with the duty of discovering talent?