I am a 2nd year journalism student worried about the secrecy bill that has every journalist in South Africa worried.
I can actually recall the first time my passion for journalism was ignited, I was watching an episode of 3rd degree anchored by Deborah Patta. When I saw how dedicated she was to getting the truth, how brave she was in asking the hard questions that some people would probably choose to shy away from, I knew from that day that I too wanted to make a difference in my society.
Now as I near the completion of my 3 year journalism diploma I can feel the passion for journalism slowly fading away as fear overcomes me. What kind of environment will I be working under if government will be monitoring what I write and report? All of this is very similar to. The censorship laws that were in place during apartheid to silence journalists. If this bill is really passed, can we then really say we are a democratic country if our freedom comes with restrictions or terms and conditions?